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A題: 美國航空(AA)托運行李規則動
日期: 2014/9/24
類別: AA
內容: 自2014年10月1日起,旅客如果在陜場N到櫃台出示美國航空與其他航空公司分開開立的

• 美國航空公司與其子公司American Airlines and American Eagle
• 全美航空公司與其子公司US Airways and US Express
• 寰宇一家成員所屬航空公司oneworld partner airline

Effective October 1, 2014, AA will no longer through check bags
when the passenger presents separate tickets at the ticket
counter except as noted below. This will better support our
commercial strategy and align our policy with LUS, customers
traveling on separate tickets will only be able to through check
bags when the ticket is for travel on:

• American Airlines and American Eagle
• US Airways and US Express
• oneworld partner airline

For all other carriers ticketed separately, bag will only be
checked for the LAA, LUS or oneworld partner flight. The
customer will need to recheck their bags with the other carrier
for the continuing travel.


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